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Programming Experience

The Virginia Public Access Project

Visual Developer

Dec. 2020 ‒ Present

In my role as a visual developer, I'm primarily tasked with building front-end interactive graphics to help people understand Virginia politics and government. To that end, I built most of the front-end code and pieces of the back-end code for VPAP's redistricting app. I also built most of the code for displaying the live results of the 2020 Republican Convention. Beyond working on larger-scale projects, I've frequently created one-off data visualizations. And I've created tools in the form of a small web app and a Svelte component library to reduce the amount of boilerplate I have to write.

Reporting Experience

The Colorado News Collaborative

Data Reporting Intern

June 2020 ‒ Sep. 2019

I've written software, analyzed data, built visualizations, and reported for the Colorado online collaborative news outlet.

Peninsula Press


Sept. 2019 ‒ June 2020

I've written several stories, primarily about mental health, for the Stanford Journalism Program's online outlet, Peninsula Press. In addition to featuring my reporting skills, I've told multimedia stories using Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Northern Virginia Daily


April 2017 ‒ March 2019

I worked as a reporter at the small Virginia daily newspaper, covering the Town of Strasburg, health, and a variety of other beats. In addition to frequently writing pieces, I used my computational skills to tell stories and to more efficiently find stories. I wrote and scheduled scrapers to monitor local government websites, and I designed several graphics to display election results and to display the key findings of some of my stories.

Related Writing Experience

Boundary Stones


Sept. 2016 ‒ Dec. 2016

I wrote stories about strange moments in D.C. history for the local history blog run by Washington, D.C.'s PBS station. I also managed the Boundary Stones Twitter account.

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Archival Communications Intern

June 2016 ‒ Aug. 2016

I sifted through boxes of archival materials for Fellowship of Reconciliation, preparing them for shipment to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, and wrote historical blog posts about the organization.

The Wesleyan Argus

Features Editor

Sept. 2014 ‒ May 2016

I wrote and edited stories for Wesleyan University's student-run newspaper.


Stanford University

Student, M.A., Journalism Program

Sept. 2019 ‒ June 2020

Wesleyan University

Student, B.A. in English, Minor in History

Sept. 2013 ‒ May 2016

Technical Skills

Programming Languages



Reporting Interests